In-depth cyber security audit

Identify vulnerabilities before they become big problems.

Security Audit

Protect your business with a proactive IT security audit

An IT security audit can help businesses face the cybercrime pandemic. With attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, falling victim can have a devastating impact on your business. From reputational damage, revenue loss or even data loss.

However, conducting regular cyber security audits will give you a complete overview of your entire IT environment. Our security audits won’t cause disruption. That’s because our cyber security experts run tests in the background, letting you get on with your day. By exposing weaknesses in your infrastructure, we can fix them before it’s too late.

Prioritise security

Regular security audits prove your business meets and even exceeds minimum government standards.

Who can benefit from conducting an IT security audit?

​​Security is a growing concern for every organisation in a digitally connected world, regardless of size. That means running regular cyber security audits should be an essential part of your IT strategy. You may also be required to perform audits to meet compliance standards within your industry.

A ten-step IT security audit to increase your cyber resilience

Network Security

Network security is complex and covers a range of technologies, processes and devices. With the ever-increasing cyber threat landscape, our team will explore whether you have the proper rules and configurations in place to protect data, devices, users and applications.

Malware Prevention

Malware is software that’s out to infect your company devices and systems to gain unauthorised access to critical business data. We’ll make sure you have the measures in place to prevent malware infections, highlight where there might be vulnerabilities and recommend the solution.

Secure Configuration

Misconfigurations are a common security gap that hackers love to exploit. Criminals can easily access data when settings are incorrectly configured. We’ll audit your device and network settings to ensure they are up to scratch and make it harder for cyber-criminals to access your accounts.

Incident Management

Incidents can considerably impact an organisation’s finance, productivity, and reputation. However, good incident management will reduce the impact when they do happen. We’ll recommend how to detect and quickly respond to incidents to prevent damage.


Cyber security threat monitoring helps detect cyber threats and data breaches before they cause damage. Many organisations might not have the staff or resources to detect cyber-attacks in their infancy, but that’s where we can help.

User Education and Awareness

Employees remain the number one cause of a security breach. That’s why we implement a user awareness tool to identify gaps in knowledge. For example, password management, identifying phishing emails, internet and email use.

Removable Media Controls

We’ll make you aware of the dangers of the uncontrolled use of removable media devices. This is any device that can be brought to an organisation and plugged into a computer. We’ll ensure your data is encrypted and password-protected to prevent the damage of a malicious attack.

Managing User Privileges

To keep your systems secure, you need to know who is accessing your network. You also need to ensure that only users with privileges can perform admin activities. If users are not strongly authenticated, then an imposter may be able to perform actions that undermine security.

Remote and Home Working

More businesses than ever have remote or home working staff. This can present a security issue if you don’t have the right policies. We’ll assess the risks that may be making your company vulnerable in this area and recommend the protocols that will strengthen your company’s resilience.

InfoSec checklist

The final step in our auditing process is to take what we have found and perform an audit against an InfoSec checklist. This allows us to see where we can help. We will then make recommendations on how we can improve your business’s cyber security posture.

Why routine IT security auditing is essential for your business

Safeguard your data

Many businesses are under the impression their data is safe without additional security measures. Just because you haven’t fallen victim to a cyber-attack doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk for the future. A data breach can be costly, from fines, financial loss and reputational damage resulting in lost business.

Remediate vulnerabilities

The frequency, intensity and complexity of cyber attacks are on the rise. Audits detect gaps in your cyber security environment that a hacker might take advantage of. A security expert will suggest solutions to resolve these vulnerabilities, bolstering your security defences and mitigating against a future damaging cyber attack.

Compliance with guidelines

Every organisation has a responsibility to protect its data, systems and people. Carrying out regular security audits ensures the foundations are in place to prove your business meets and even exceeds the minimum government standards set by regulations and frameworks such as GDP, ISO and Cyber Essentials.

Build trust

By demonstrating a solid cyber security posture through routine cyber security audits and compliance, you show your ongoing commitment to keeping both client and stakeholder data protected against potential data breaches. You are putting your business at risk by delaying security audits or ignoring them altogether and face hefty penalties should disaster strike.

After the audit: actionable reporting and next steps

Cyber Security Audit Report

After the audit is complete, you’ll receive a report that outlines your  security posture. The report will show the areas that are compliant with cyber security best practices and where further action is required.

The report includes:


  • A detailed summary of your IT estate.
  • The tests we have used to complete your audit.
  • How your company performs against each of the ten steps to cyber security.
  • Any interim risk management that is required immediately.
  • Our recommendations and next steps.

Cyber Security Next Steps

Once you have received your audit report, you’ll meet with our Head of Technical to discuss our findings and the next steps.

We’ll cover:

  • Risks that can be immediately be implemented 
  • Any terms or areas where you need clarification
  • Our recommendations for policies and solutions that will ensure compliance in all areas of the ten steps to Cyber Security.

The good news is that you’ve made the first step in protecting your business against the rising tide of cybercrime, and we know just how to strengthen your resilience even further. 

Security Audit FAQs

How long does it take to carry out a Cyber Security Audit?

The time it takes us to perform an audit will depend on the complexity of the network. However, a typical audit takes around a week to analyse your network with minimum impact on your staff. Then we will write up your report and return your results within two weeks.

Why do I need a Cyber Security Audit?

Security Audits help your business become more focused on the highest risk to your company. An audit will show you where you need to improve security and how you can make changes. Knowledge is power when it comes to fighting against cybercrime, and you’ll feel safer knowing exactly where your vulnerabilities are.

How often should security audits be performed?

A cyber security audit can only provide a snapshot of system vulnerabilities at a particular point in time. It is inevitable that as technology changes, regular reviews will be required. We would recommend that a business conducts a security audit annually or bi-annually, depending on circumstances and risk.

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