Cost-effective call plans with Teams Direct Routing

Turn Microsoft Teams into a cloud-based, business-grade phone system.

A disaster recovery plan

Give Teams a voice with Direct Routing

Why use Teams Direct Routing? Well, many businesses use Microsoft Teams for internal collaboration. Now, they can benefit from making and receiving calls by enabling Teams Direct Routing. It’s a complete cloud-based unified solution with enterprise-grade telephony for all your calls, chats, conferencing and collaboration needs.

Direct Routing is provided by the UK’s No.1 SIP Trunking provider, so you’ll benefit from a highly reliable, resilient network. Give your Teams a voice. You’ll make calling more affordable and even enhance your telecoms with advanced call features.

Take control of your calls

Free calls and enhanced call control over a carrier-grade infrastructure.

What is Microsoft Teams Direct Routing?

Direct Routing offers an alternative to Microsoft Calling plans. It enables full voice capability into Teams, without the need for on-premise hardware. Direct Routing utilises Microsoft certified Session Border Controllers (SBCs) to deliver better value, greater flexibility, and increased functionality.

How does Direct Routing work? 

How does direct routing work


Direct Routing connects your Microsoft Teams tenant to the network to provide full PSTN breakout on the public telephone network. This transforms Teams from an internal communications platform to a complete phone system.

SIP Trunks

SIP trunks connect the internet to your Microsoft phone system and the public telephone network (PSTN). Without SIP trunks, you can’t have VoIP. So, these little SIPs literally zip together elements for an all-in-one cloud phone system.

Session Border Controller

SBC’s are like firewalls for VoIP. They act as protective barriers between different networks to ensure call data can transfer correctly between them. This ensures that calls can securely pass over the network.

Microsoft Phone System

While all that technical stuff happens in the background, you’ll enjoy the simplicity that comes with Microsoft’s Phone System. Call, meet and chat with internal and external contacts with the ease and high availability of Teams calling. You’ll also save money on your call plan.

How Direct Routing can benefit your business

Save on calls

Compared to Microsoft’s calling plans, Teams Direct Routing has significant cost savings per user. With 4,000 UK minutes per user, you’ll maximise calling but minimise the cost to your bottom line.

Advanced call statistics

You’ll have online access to comprehensive call statistics to enable informed business decisions. Make your phone system more efficient with advanced reports on call handling, productivity, patterns and behaviour.

Complete communications

There’s no need for traditional and costly hardware; Direct routing is a complete cloud solution. That way, your team will communicate with colleagues and external contacts from a single app, with Teams’ collaboration features, as standard.

Hybrid working

 Because you can make calls with any internet-connected compatible device, your team can work from anywhere. This means you can enable a hybrid working environment that seamlessly supports your office and remote working staff.

Teams Direct Routing FAQs

What devices can I use for Microsoft Teams calling?

Calling with Teams is currently supported on Windows, macOS, IOS and Android devices, supported browsers and on certified Teams handsets.

What's the difference between Direct Routing and the Microsoft Phone System?

Microsoft Phone System comes with a standard solution for making calls on Teams. However, Microsoft calling plans can be expensive, with little opportunity to tailor your call plan. Teams Direct Routing offers the same ability to make calls, but through a 3rd party provider. This means you can make significant savings on call tariffs.

Can Direct Routing be connected to my mobile phone?

Yes, Microsoft Teams Direct Routing is a complete cloud-based phone system. This means it can work with any internet-connected device.

SoConnect helped us strategise a new way to streamline our communications. The introduction of calling in Teams has made a big difference. SoConnect’s team is knowledgeable and friendly and always happy to help.

Chris Caffrey
Bercaf Ltd

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