What is a dedicated internet line?

And why it shouldn’t be overlooked for your business

When considering a new data service, there is one factor that is often overlooked and that is whether your business would benefit from a dedicated data connection. But what is a dedicated internet connection? And what are its advantages? In this article we hope to answer these questions.


To start this off is EoFTTC (or Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet). EoFTTC is the cheapest of the three services we will examine at only £125 per month; the connection provides speeds of up to 10Mbps Up and Down as a result of its synchronous nature. (It is worth noting that all dedicated data connections have synchronous speeds, this is a result of the connection not having to be shared with other users and therefore not having to force resources into the download portion of the connection, which is what normally happens with a standard broadband connection). EoFTTC works by having a dedicated Ethernet line supported by a Fibre broadband connection   which allows for a dedicated connection with the speed of an FTTC connection. EoFTTC is the perfect entry level dedicated data connection; its low cost makes it perfect for businesses that are looking for something more than a broadband connection but don’t want to break the bank on more expensive dedicated solutions such as EFM or EoF.


The next dedicated connection up the line is EFM or Ethernet First Mile. EFM is the only dedicated service that uses copper based Ethernet lines instead of fibre, this makes it perfect for businesses based in areas where fibre broadband has not been rolled out as they can have a copper based connection that dosnt suffer from contention and other issues that affect the current copper network in the UK. EFM can provide speeds of up to 20Mbps Up and Down which may not sound like a lot when compared to other broadband connections, however unlike a broadband connection this speed will never vary meaning you never have a drop in performance which keeps productivity high even at peak times. EFM is a fairly straight forward service to understand, a copper based Ethernet line is fitted directly between your premesis and the local exchange which provides the dedicated connection, from the exchange your connection becomes part of the UK network in the same way as every other data connection, the “First Mile” part of the name is not accurate as the connection could be shorter or longer than one mile and depends on the distance between your business and the closest exchange, implementation cost will also vary because of this which is why SoConnect can provide a free estimate so you know how much an EFM connection will cost before you commit to the service. EFM is slightly more expensive than an EoFTTC connection with prices starting at £140 per month however its copper based nature makes it perfect for businesses that require a dedicated connection but can’t currently access the fibre network, EFM means that even the most remote of businesses don’t have to suffer a slow and unreliable broadband connection and can instead have a data line that fully meets their business needs.


Now whilst many businesses don’t want to invest too heavily in their data connection and whilst some may be unable to access the fibre network, for businesses whose data line is absolutely essential there is a third option. EoF or Ethernet over Fibre is the top of the line when it comes to data services in the UK or anywhere on the planet for that matter, with speeds ranging from a few Kbps to 1Gbps it is the perfect service for businesses that need a High speed, bespoke data service. EoF works in much the same way as EFM; however instead of using a copper based Ethernet connection a Gigabit Fibre optic line is implemented, this means that businesses have full control of their data connection as it can always supply the right level of connection your business currently requires at a cost that suits you, this means that if your business currently only needs connection speeds of 10Mbps then you can be connected at this speed and only pay for a 10Mbps connection, but if you find that your business is grown and the 10Mbps connection is no longer fast enough then you can turn it up to 20 or 30 or 50 meaning that you can have the speeds you require at a price that suits you. Whilst EoF is the most expensive dedicated data service with prices starting from £299 per month, it is also the best as it is the only service that can grow with your business, by fitting an EoF connection you are safe in the knowledge that no matter how big your business gets, what you use your data connection for or how many people you have connected it will always provide a high speed consistent connection and for businesses that can justify the cost there really is no alternative

So there you have it! hopefully this article has helped to explain the ins and outs of dedicated internet, for more information on any of the services mentioned in this article please visit our web pages on them, or you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.

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