What is Remote IT Support?

Remote IT Support is a way of delivering an IT service to clients without requiring an engineer on-site. It is the ability to remotely access and control devices anytime, anywhere using secure remote support software. Remote IT Support technology makes it easy – even for the smallest SMEs – to get expert help in areas from computer support to network and security software implementation. 

A computer maintenance transformation

Technology has come on a fair bit over the last decade. How businesses look after their IT is no exception. A short while ago, if you had a problem with your PC, you’d need to wait for a technician to fit you in, and they’d come to your home or business to fix your faulty device. Often, they would hum and hah and tell you they would need to send away for some module or other. 

Remote support software means no such waiting around – and we all know, in the business game, that time = money! 

How remote IT support can help your business

Because remote IT support is such a game-changer, there are many benefits – read on for more.  

Optimised Productivity

All businesses face IT issues that negatively impact productivity at some point or another. The fast and streamlined response times with remote IT support remove obstacles that would otherwise hold up your team’s productivity. You can count on reduced downtime and greater operational efficiency when your IT is working for you.

Low Operating Costs

It makes sense that without on-site visits and travel expenses, remote IT support means more bang for your buck. It can also significantly reduce your business’ overall operational costs while providing a more extensive service. This means that even small and medium-size businesses can get in on the act. A tight budget doesn’t have to mean a sub-par IT service. 

Fast response times

Like we mentioned before, in business, time = money. Wasted time also equals less productivity for your company. Remote IT services mean that you will resolve technical problems quickly and spend less time away from the things that really matter. 

Accelerated business growth

The ambition of every business owner is growth, growth growth. But, many are held back by clunky traditional workplaces. When a team is supported remotely, it frees up time for business owners to reach objectives faster and set even bigger goals. Many remote IT service providers will align with your unique requirements and business strategy. When you are reassured that IT issues are resolved without delay, the sky is the limit for what your business can achieve. 

Future-ready remote IT assistance

Technology is constantly changing, and keeping up can be daunting. Remote support gives you access to technology experts who can ensure your IT infrastructure is future-ready. The always-on nature of that support ensures that your IT will be flexible and adapt to changing business needs and emerging technological trends. 

A virtual IT department

Having an in-house IT department can be expensive for many SMEs. Especially if you want the very best talent to ensure your IT strategy fits your business goals. Hiring an outsourced team of remote technicians brings all the benefits of industry knowledge and experience without the cost of an entire internal department. 

Expert IT strategy 

A remote IT support service does more for your business than merely fixing your computer when it has a problem. It can align every part of your business with clear, measurable objectives to support you at a strategic level. Looking ahead to your short, mid and long term ambitions – to ensure you invest wisely and are on a clear and effective IT roadmap year to year.

Better cyber security protections

More than half of cyber-attacks result from internal mistakes. This is often because staff are busy or don’t understand security enough to see where a threat could occur. Prevention is the best defence, and most managed IT providers now offer educational resources and training for your staff to ensure your business is protected. 

You can also protect your business by having better software to block potentially harmful programs when outsourcing IT Support. If an attack does happen, an IT support provider will help you recover faster.   

For more information on how remote IT support can help your business, fill out a form on our website, call us on 0333 240 1824 or email us at hello@soconnect.co.uk.

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