Succeed with the Secure Modern Workplace 

The five common business issues a secure modern workplace solves

But what is the Secure Modern Workplace? How can it help solve common issues a business faces? Read on as we explain just that. 

The way we work is evolving at lightning speed. The ability for employees to work from anywhere and still be able to communicate and collaborate is vital if businesses want to succeed. With 73% of UK workers wanting hybrid working to continue, the traditional office 9 to 5 is a thing of the past. 

1. Attracting the right talent

Even in usual times, attracting the best talent for your specific role is challenging. However, it’s a job seeker’s market at the moment. This means businesses need to up their game. The workplace and environment you offer has become more critical than ever. Younger generations, in particular, consider it necessary to work in a modern and flexible environment. They want technology that will enable them to be productive wherever they work.

The secure modern workplace includes all the tools you need to ensure you are providing the best environment. Collaboration apps, such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, mean seamless working across multiple locations is achievable and affordable.

2. Reduced productivity

Employees like real-time access to their work. That isn’t always easy. Especially when your business operates with unresponsive or outdated systems. When employees can’t perform efficiently, it’s not long before they start looking for other opportunities. Working together seamlessly is one of the main benefits of the modern workplace. When every part of your business can create and produce in real-time, your productivity outputs will grow.

3. Clunky collaboration

Collaborating within teams is already a challenge. Even more so, if you have a complex multisystem setup across multiple sites. Traditional on-premise applications create an additional barrier to company-wide collaboration. That’s because information is simply too hard to share and work on effectively.

As mentioned above, collaboration is vital to the modern workplace. Bring everyone in your team on the same page, wherever they work. Collaborate with group chat, online meetings, calling and web conferencing. Plus, you can stay connected with customers, partners and vendors through online discussions and on shared files and documents. 

4. Cyber security

Preventing and identifying a cyber attack using old security solutions is a considerable challenge. Four in ten (39%) UK businesses identified at least one cyber attack or a breach in the last 12 months. Cybercrime could cost your business a lot of money if sensitive data is lost.

The secure modern workplace comes with enterprise-grade security as standard. Microsoft 365 Secure protects your business with intelligent security and provides backup with instant recovery. With Microsoft 365 Secure and our Cyber Security Essentials package, you receive an advanced multi-layered approach to secure your data and give you peace of mind.

5. Overhead costs

Hundreds of tools are available to help you communicate and collaborate better. But that’s a problem. The more systems you use, the more complicated and costly it becomes to manage your estate. As a cloud-based service, the modern workplace brings everything you need for seamless internal and external communication under one solution. You only pay for what you use, and it’s never an issue to scale up or down when required. 

Next steps: 

Adopting new technologies can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Knowing where to begin is often tricky. At SoConnect, we have a team of experts ready to talk you through every stage. Our solutions are tailored to your needs to ensure your business goals are always met. 

Download our guide and book a call with our expert team. We will conduct a gap analysis to establish a suggested roadmap to transform your company into a successful Modern Workplace. 

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