The benefits of hybrid cloud: grow flexibly with Azure

Hybrid cloud solutions are in demand as businesses adapt to cloud computing to create efficiency in their processes. Companies that rely on in-house infrastructure only risk being left behind. This means that the hybrid cloud is a perfect compromise. But what is the hybrid cloud, and what are the benefits? Read on to find out. 

What is the hybrid cloud?

Hybrid Cloud solutions are perfect for businesses that want scalable cloud computing while maintaining some in-house computing resources. 

This approach means businesses can manage resources more effectively than ever before. By unlocking cloud capabilities piece by piece, you’ll start making efficiencies without significant upfront costs. If you want to expand, pay only for what you use and work more flexibly while maintaining control of your data, Hybrid Cloud is the way forward.

The best of both worlds

A hybrid cloud is a great way to migrate if you want to keep your on-premises server while getting all the advantages of a flexible, scalable cloud. Migrating all your data to Azure may not be the most cost-effective route for businesses like yours. That’s because there isn’t a one size fits all approach to using the cloud. It’s easy to understand why companies use various cloud environments across public and private to meet their individual needs. With Azure, you can deploy a hybrid environment. That means you can continue using your private on-premise server while taking advantage of the natural flexibility of Microsoft Azure.

What is Microsoft Azure?

Azure is a secure cloud platform that can be configured to suit your specific business requirements. Azure can be used for various purposes. These include analytics, virtual computing, networking, storage and application hosting.

Azure hybrid cloud benefits

  • Ability to leverage existing infrastructure –You can strike the perfect balance unique to the requirements of your business by choosing what to move to the cloud and what to keep onsite.
  • Getting real value with the right technology – Why invest in onsite servers? Cloud can provide significant cost reduction based on your IT environment. Many businesses have seen up to 60% savings from cloud storage versus local storage.
  • More flexibility and choice – You don’t need to purchase hardware or resources with the cloud. Scale up or down quickly based on activity and usage peaks in dev/test environments.
  • Greater control and enhanced predictability and reliability – Your Virtual Machines, databases, or apps are maintained with the highest cloud security level. And when it comes to keeping them, you save time and energy by removing routine tasks and focusing on higher business impact tasks.

82% of companies experienced lower costs in 2017 due to Cloud Adoption

Moving to the cloud with SoConnect & Azure

Making it Simple – Move from expensive on-premise storage & servers to the cloud gradually with the guidance of our Azure experts.

Peace of Mind – Azure gives your business limitless options for disaster recovery plans should the unthinkable become a reality. 

You’re in Control – Azure lets you see everything being used so you can change your service based on your usage.

Save Money – As a Microsoft Silver Partner, we can offer exclusive discounts on Azure services.

If you want to reduce reliance on on-premise servers and all the maintenance and costs that come with them, then you need a cloud solution like Azure. But it’s essential to determine if it best matches your business needs. Our IT technicians will work with you during the initial migration planning phase to ensure Azure is the right solution for you.

We would recommend registering your interest with SoConnect today! 

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