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Project Overview

Bercaf Ltd is a leading provider of NVQ qualifications in the construction industry. Their experience has helped over 20,000 students achieve success. To remain on top of their game, Bercaf needed to find a way to streamline internal processes securely and efficiently. With the proper infrastructure to support, the solution should prioritise collaboration so their team can deliver a seamless service to their students and clients.


SoConnect helped us strategise a new way to streamline our communications. The introduction of calling in Teams has made a big difference. SoConnect are always happy to help.

Chris Caffrey

Director, Bercaf Ltd

The Background

Bercaf’s NVQs allow students to progress in their construction careers. With uptake increasing, the Covid-19 pandemic revealed issues with the team’s ability to work from anywhere. The time had come for an up-to-date solution. Reliance on physical hardware to store files meant the business struggled to control user access. Bercaf required a new way to organise their company data, with a coherent file structure and enhanced security.

The Strategy

Transition Bercaf away from on-premises servers to the cloud. Embracing these new technologies offers Bercaf the flexibility and automation required to remain competitive, with secure network access in multiple locations.

With business processes and sensitive data moving to the cloud, Bercaf needed a solution that put security at the forefront - with a support team that quickly acts when problems arise.

Implement a new phone system that would integrate well with applications familiar to the Bercaf team. Prioritise seamless communication internally and externally, whether employees were in the office or working remotely.

Ensure that Bercaf had the internet bandwidth required to enable uninterrupted use of cloud solutions and provide a managed router to resolve any issues quickly.

IT Services provided

Microsoft 365

Providing licences to every employee meant productivity and collaboration with Microsoft Teams would be perfect and used to communicate internally and externally; a truly connected workforce.


SharePoint means business files can be stored securely with access controls without hindering teamwork. Co-authoring, file-sharing, and 1TB of storage meant processes could become even more seamless.

Microsoft Phone System

The future of business telecoms, M365 calling licenses integrate seamlessly with the Teams platform. Bercaf could ditch the external phone system and enjoy perfectly connected communications.

Leased Line

A dedicated and private connection, Leased lines offers super-fast upload/download speeds of up to 1Gb. Bercaf ‘s connected workforce used cloud applications with no interruption with all this extra bandwidth.

The Results

The solution completely revolutionises Bercaf’s internal processes and operations, providing a modern working environment for their staff. Unifying communications within Microsoft 365 means the Bercaf team can collaborate efficiently and productively to give their clients the best service.

SharePoint has removed the reliance on physical hardware to store critical business files. Bercaf can instead enjoy the security and fluidity of the cloud. Director, Chris couldn’t believe the difference!

“SoConnect helped us strategise a new way to streamline our communications. The introduction of calling in Teams has made a big difference. SoConnect are knowledgable, friendly and always happy to help.”

Chris Caffrey

Director, Bercaf Ltd

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