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Project Overview

Jetty Technologies have been creating quite the splash in the telecommunications industry since they began in 2022. Their white label customer management and billing platform is winning them accolade after accolade. With this unprecendented growth they faced a challenge.

A new client with 154 employees needed a contact centre solution. The catch? All these employees were remote, and the window for deployment was a mere six weeks.


Great to work with and very flexible with last minute changes. A fantastic deployment. Our client’s management said ‘it was so smooth, we didn’t even know which day it was happening’.

Finch Read

Jetty Technologies Ltd

The Background

Jetty Technologies and their client were up against several challenges. They had to integrate 154 new employees from a newly acquired business into their existing operations – all working remotely – within a tight six-week window. The main hurdles were scalability for a large remote workforce, swift deployment, and seamless integration with minimal operational disruption.

The Strategy

Find the perfect platform: Horizon Contact’s cloud-based nature could effortlessly onboard the remote workforce, offering unified communications that could be accessed from anywhere, making it a perfect fit.

Devise an expedited project timeline, allowing flexibility and quick adaptation to any changes. Project Manager Caitlin's experience meant nothing less than a bulletproof plan.

Co-ordinate with our supplier, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the smooth deployment of the solution within the challenging six-week timeframe

A training plan to onboard 154 remote employees seamlessly on to the platform. The need to get up and running meant the training needed to be well thought out to minimise operational disruption.

IT Services provided

Horizon Contact

Horizon Contact is a cloud-based customer engagement platform that simplifies and enhances customer communication. Unlike most customer contact solutions, Horizon Contact provides an easy to use, self-service feature set, for SME’s, at an affordable price point.

IT Project Management

Every project is unique and at SoConnect we understand this. Our knowlegde of the telecoms industry plus our experience in project management, meant that we could tailor a solution that would meet the challenges head on and make Jetty happy!

The Results

Our selected solution, Horizon Contact, was the ideal solution for Jetty. Its cloud-based nature allowed for effortless onboarding of the remote workforce, offering unified communications that could be accessed from anywhere, making it a perfect fit for a remote team.

We didn’t let the time crunch intimidate us. Instead, we devised an efficient project plan and collaborated closely with Jetty and our provider.

We navigated through the project’s challenges with expert communication and speedy problem-solving. Our dedicated project management, thorough training for the new employees, and steadfast support made the transition so seamless, with zero operational disruption, that the client’s senior management barely noticed we deployed the solution.

“A fantastic deployment. Our client’s senior management said ‘it was so smooth, we didn’t even know which day it was happening’”

Finch Read

Jetty Technologies Ltd

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