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Securing Sustainability: Sunamp’s Cyber Resilience




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Project Overview

Sunamp, a leader in renewable energy solutions, recognised the need to upgrade its cybersecurity defences to protect its pioneering thermal storage technology and sensitive data. Partnering with SoConnect, they embarked on a cybersecurity overhaul. The collaboration highlights the strategic initiatives that have positioned Sunamp as a champion for cyber resilience in the renewable energy sector.


Our operations are secure against the most sophisticated threats and our team is working more efficiently. It’s fantastic to move forward with confidence, knowing that our work is securely supported.”

Trisha Miller

CFO, Sunamp

The Background

Sunamp sought a trusted partner to enhance its cybersecurity posture in response to escalating cyber threats. As the business grew, the importance of comprehensive IT Managed Services for driving efficiency, scalability, and strategic advantage became apparent, so they sought a partner to do it all. Enter SoConnect.

The Strategy

Custom Cybersecurity Framework: We conducted a detailed assessment of Sunamp's existing cybersecurity measures, implemented Cyber Essentials Plus, and tailored a robust security strategy to meet the renewable energy industry's unique challenges.

Empowering through Education: A vital part of the strategy was giving Sunamp the tools to build a security-conscious culture. We implemented the uSecure platform to provide continuous security awareness training to employees.

Expert-Led Security Enhancements: We introduced advanced security technologies, including Privileged Access Management, Password Management, and a Security Operation Center solution, significantly elevating Sunamp's ability to detect and respond to cyber threats.

Proactive Defence Measures: We provided real-time threat intelligence and incident response capabilities through Managed Endpoint Detection and Response and DNS Filtering, ensuring rapid risk mitigation.

IT Services provided

Managed IT Support

We strategised a solution that could be tailored and scaled up when required. Always-on network with access to an expert remote team whose mission is “happy customers, always”. Regular strategic reviews with a dedicated account manager ensure alignment with short, mid and long-term goals.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365’s cloud apps and data simplify modern working. Employees can work from anywhere with enhanced productivity, efficiency, and seamless collaboration..

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

MDR provides real-time threat detection and response capabilities, allowing businesses to quickly identify and mitigate cyber threats before they cause significant damage. MDR can automatically quarantine or isolate affected endpoints, block malicious processes, and prevent data exfiltration.

Security Operations Centre

With a team of security experts monitoring the Microsoft environment 24/7, 365 days a year, Sunamp could focus on its core business functions with complete peace of mind.

Security Awareness Training

No cyber security solution can prevent human error. Educating your workforce is critical to keeping a business safe. With automated, personalised training programmes delivered to each team member and phishing simulations to test the team, Sunamp could build a security-conscious culture, avoiding the cause of 73% of all data breaches!

The Results

This strategic partnership transformed Sunamp’s cybersecurity approach, markedly enhancing its resilience against cyber-attacks. The Sunamp team can continue its commitment to sustainability and innovation, safe in knowing it is protected from 99.3% of common cyber threats. With a team of security experts monitoring 24/7, protection against zero-day and advanced threats is significantly enhanced.

In March 2024, Sunamp made the shortlist for a prestigious Cyber Resilience award. This achievement signifies its outstanding success in securing its mission-critical operations and confidently leading the way in sustainable energy.

With the team working and collaborating like never before and troubling IT issues a thing of the past, Sunamp can confidently move forward, knowing their business is so seamless, so efficient, and so secure.

“Through our partnership with SoConnect, our operations are more secure against sophisticated threats, and our team is working more efficiently. It’s fantastic to move forward with confidence, knowing that our work is securely supported.”

Trisha Miller

Chief Financial Officer, Sunamp

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