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Cloud Telecoms connected UK wide team


Thorntons Investments


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Increased productivity

Connected sites for seamless collaboration


Reduction in overheads

Project Overview

Thorntons Investments required an improved data connection and voice product to enable better communication and collaboration between their offices, including their remote employees across the UK. They needed a solution that could futureproof their infrastructure to truly connect the workforce and continue giving their clients the service they deserved.


SoConnect have been able to propose suitable connectivity in our Dundee and Edinburgh sites, which meant we could invest in Horizon VoIP to facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England.

Nadine Reilly

Thorntons Investments

The Background

Thorntons Investments is a dynamic investment house that provides tailored advice to private clients. Consisting of some of the finest financial services professionals in Scotland, the team are committed to providing a truly personal service and wholeheartedly putting their client’s requirements first. As their client base grew, Thorntons had to consider whether the connectivity and systems in place were enough to ensure seamless collaboration between their three sites. They needed a solution that could provide suitable bandwidth to run cloud-based services without interruption and an intuitive telecoms system to facilitate seamless communication between colleagues, customers and offices.

The Strategy

Migrate Thorntons away from on-premise telephony and implement a VoIP solution. As a scale on-demand solution, Hosted Horizon could grow alongside the business, while ensuring increased reliability and user support.

Upgrade connectivity at the Head Office with a dedicated full fibre solution to bring reliable internet and facilitate improved cloud-based telecoms.

Devise a solution that could improve internet access at their Scotland sites, while keeping overheads low.

Provide excellent support on all services, with clearly defined SLAs and user training. Ensuring that Thorntons could get on with what's important to them.

Services provided

Hosted Horizon

A fully supported end-to-end VoIP system, our Hosted Horizon package upgraded Thorntons’ on-premise services, at a fraction of the cost.

100mb/100mb Leased Line

With symmetrical upload & download speeds, from 10Mb to 10Gb, Leased line is a dedicated internet connectio. It’s ideal for businesses who upload to the cloud, share large amounts of data or use VoIP systems.


As EFM is a dedicated service it can provide identical upload and download speeds of up to 10 or 20Mbps. EFM is a great alternative to an Ethernet Leased Line, you get all the advantages without the investment costs.

Ongoing Support

It’s important that businesses are connected 24/7/365, so we understood Thornton’s’requirement for best in class support. We ensured that we provided clear SLAs on all services and fast response times to tickets.

The Results

The solution revolutionised how Thorntons Investments could collaborate between offices. Hosted Horizon significantly improved communication between different departments and across their multiple sites.

At the same time, reliable connectivity across all sites meant a significant increase in productivity and a decrease in company overheads. The overall improvement in the company’s communication ability meant Thorntons could ensure that their clients continued to receive an excellent service.

“SoConnect provided an upgraded 100Mb/100MB Leased Line with a cost saving. SoConnect have also been able to propose suitable connectivity in Dundee and Edinburgh which meant we could  invest in Horizon VoIP to facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England..”

Nadine Reilly

Thorntons Investments

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