A Unified Communications experience

Good communication and efficient collaboration are essential for creating a successful business. It can be very difficult (or impossible) to grow and expand your enterprise without communicating effectively with customers and co-workers. Most communication systems that businesses deploy are often needlessly expensive, inefficient and even outdated. With a Unified Communications solution from SoConnect, companies can improve their communication systems and cut costs by moving a lot of their essential infrastructure to the cloud. This will significantly enhance staff communication and make collaboration inside or out of the office fast and efficient.


Unified Communications – The Business Continuity Solution

Unified communication entails integrating cloud-based communication services that allow businesses to communicate in various ways across several different devices.

This allows employees to benefit from a range of ways to exchange information and communicate in Real-Time, e.g. IM (Instant Messaging), Presence information, Voice traffic (VoIP), Desktop sharing, Document collaboration, and even audio/video conferencing services and much more. Unified Comms services run on the cloud. You can use them anywhere with a data connection and on various devices. Unified Communication services are perfect for businesses looking to improve their communication applications whilst cutting costs simultaneously.

Communicate and Share Anything – Anywhere.

Adopting a Unified Communication solution can drastically improve the way your business communicates with itself and the world. Your business will no longer be tied to traditional line-based communication by bringing your telephony services into the cloud. This allows for global communication on any device with a web connection. Your remote staff can stay in the loop, work effectively and improve business efficiency. Unified Comms services such as Horizon or Microsoft 365 are also available on various devices, including tablets, mobiles, and laptops. Unlike traditional communication systems, you can use cloud services on the go. Never miss a call just because you are out of the office.

Cutting Telephony Costs

Another advantage of Unified Comms services is cost-effectiveness compared to traditional communication systems. Per-minute call rates can be expensive to mobiles with conventional telephony services. Along with connection fees and line rental, a line-based service can be highly cost-prohibitive, reducing the level of communication your business can provide. 

A UC service can dramatically reduce costs with free UK calls and international bundles. 

Simplified Billing

Another attraction for businesses is that Unified Communication systems can simplify administration and potentially lower conferencing costs by combining multiple services through one vendor. UC can also provide predictable bills, so you know your monthly spending. This also allows businesses of any size to adopt Unified Communications. You only have to pay for the number of users you have. It is highly scalable, allowing you to add additional users whenever required. 

A modern approach to business communications

As a result of reduced monthly costs and the scope to quickly scale UC solutions, companies are switching to a unified approach to business communications. 

Unified Communications is just what your business needs. If you have old, inefficient and expensive telephony, now is the time to consider a Unified communication service such as Hosted Horizon or Microsoft 365.

For more information on SoConnect’s Unified Communication services, you can contact our sales team at sales@soconnect.co.uk or call us on 0333 240 1824.

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