22 Jan 2019

As a registered supplier on the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, SoConnect has seen many SMEs already benefiting from registering. With up to £2,500 towards installation and equipment costs, the scheme allows businesses just like yours to significantly upgrade your  internet connection ensuring you receive the most reliable and fastest speeds available. The Government’s commitment […]

business internet

At SoConnect, we know that your business requires a reliable, fast & cost-effective internet solution.  We also understand that all of the internet options out there for businesses can be a little bit confusing and daunting especially when it comes to technical jargon such as symmetrical or uncontended speeds.  So we’ve put together a brief […]

29 Sep 2016

In the business world nowadays, Leaps and bounds are being made to make business more efficient and cost effective. An area where particular progress has been made is unified communication which allows members of staff to collaborate on projects with maximum efficiency and productivity.   Unified communication is an umbrella term for any kind of […]

08 Sep 2016
Phone - Advantages Of Call Recording System

Tracking your sales process is vital for any business, without knowing where sales are going wrong and what aspects turn customers away from what would’ve been a successful sale your business can suffer.Thankfully as technology improves businesses are able to monitor and analyse their sales process more closely than ever before. Recording phone calls with […]

26 Jun 2015
Windows 10 Logo

What’s your thoughts on Windows 10? With Windows 10 fast approaching we thought we would share some articles on it from across the web. This article from How-To Geek on What You Need To Know – Windows 10 This one is from Techrader: Windows 10: release date, price, news and features And finally here is […]

18 Jun 2015
Video Conferencing

Conferencing is something that most businesses are familiar with – the ability to meet up and discuss important issues that affect your business is vital for co-ordinating your workforce and making sure that everyone is on the same page for your business’ direction and goals. However, traditional face to face conferences can be time consuming […]

12 Jun 2015
Call recording

“Please be aware that calls may be recorded for security and training purposes.” If you have ever had to deal with a big corporate then you will have probably heard this phrase (or something similar) played down the phone line, but have you ever wondered why so many of the businesses adopt call recording ? […]

12 Jun 2015
Email Security

Around 66% of all emails businesses receive are unwanted ‘spam’ and at least one in 200 contains a virus according to the latest analysis. Of course spam and malware aren’t new problems – the first spam message went out in 1979 – but their persistence, evolution and sophistication mean that they are still a prominent […]

05 Jun 2015
SoConnect mobile store

SoConnect has just introduced a new online mobile store to simplify the process of setting up a business mobile service. You can browse through the range of handsets we offer to find the model that’s right for you, then order it through the store and have it delivered next-day. SoConnect offer a range of SIM cards that […]