Tablet - business productivity

Productivity is one of the most important aspects of business, a business that is productive is a business that is successful but how do you create a productive business? One of the best ways to enhance productivity in the workplace is to maximise the speed and efficiency of your internet and phone systems. Perhaps the […]

25 Feb 2015

Finding the right kind of data solution within your budget can be challenging. Often the best kind of data connections offering dedicated connectivity are cost-prohibitive for many small businesses meaning you may have to settle for cheaper solutions that do not provide the service levels you need. However, the good news is that has now […]

SoConnect Fail over data connection

The Importance of Fail-Over / Backup Data Connections Businesses are relying on data connections more than ever before, for everything from communications to product sourcing to cloud storage, but with such a heavy reliance on the internet it is important that should the worst happen and the data connection is lost, a fail over system […]

29 Aug 2014
High speed data connection icon

Considering upgrading your business internet connection? If now is the time to make that change, here are some current offers available for high speed business data connections that can offer you huge savings. We call these current offers the Triple Whammy. The Triple Whammy is essentially a set of three separate deals/offers that conveniently coincide with […]

25 Aug 2014
EoFTTC, Business Grade Superfast Ethernet

What is EoFTTC and how does it compare with FTTC and EFM? Fibre Optic Superfast broadband or FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) is now widely available across the UK. Many businesses have adopted this service because of the incredibly high speeds it can offer (up to around 80Mbps). However, while FTTC has overcome many of […]