18 Feb 2019

Office 365 Business and Enterprise solutions offer businesses lots of features that can seem overwhelming, such as collaborative applications and management tools which build on Home and Personal editions. In this article we’ll touch on just some of the main features and benefits of Office 365 so that you can be in the know when […]

08 May 2015
Benefits of cloud

Many businesses are already migrating their IT & telecoms to the Cloud. Most businesses are aware that various cloud services exist and with the increased availability high speed internet services almost every business can make use of Cloud services and the benefits they offer. The obvious benefit of cloud services is the ability to cut costs […]

18 Nov 2014
SharePoint Vs Drop Box

SharePoint Vs Drop Box for Business Document Sharing and Collaboration When it comes to SharePoint there is one question we are often asked – why should my business use SharePoint when other services such as Drop Box can provide a similar service for free? On face value this would seem a fairly reasonable argument. However […]