Thorntons Investments

Thorntons Investment Management Ltd

The Business Challenge: Thorntons Investments required an improved data connection and voice product to enable better communication and collaboration between their offices, including their remote employees across the UK.

Solution: Hosted Horizon   –   Leased Line Ethernet Connectivity

Working in partnership with Grant McGregor, SoConnect provided a 50Mb/100Mb leased-line in late 2016 which we are in the process of upgrading to 100Mb/100Mb with a cost saving. SoConnect have been able to propose suitable connectivity in Dundee and Edinburgh which has enabled us to invest in Horizon VoIP and facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites across Scotland and England.’

Nadine Reilly, Thorntons Investment Management Ltd


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Scotia Homes Ltd

Scotia Homes Ltd

The Business Challenge: Scotia Homes required a solution that was unique to their requirements. New sites for development often come with little infrastructure for connectivity. At their Head Office, a lack of reliable internet services and poor supplier support meant a need for fast and reliable data services, with great customer service.

Solution:Leased Line 100Mb/100Mb   –    Hosted Horizon


We previously had leased-line connectivity through another provider but in partnership with our Managed IT supplier, SoConnect were able to propose a more suitable connection offering better speeds at lower cost. This enabled us to replace our legacy phone system with Horizon VoIP and facilitate better collaboration between staff and sites via broadband connections without excessive monthly charges and long term commitments.’

Scotia Homes Ltd


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